Effect of the Extent of Apical Enlargement on the Degree of Debridement of the Apical Third in Curved Root Canals

Syed Mukhtar-Un-Nisar Andrabi, Ashok Kumar, Rajendra Kumar Tewari, Surendra Kumar Mishra, Huma Iftekhar, Afaf Zia


Objectives: The present study aimed to evaluate the influence of various apical instr umentation sizes and taperson the degree of debridement of the apical third of curved root canals. Methods: We used 60 extracted humanmandibular first molars with mesial root curvatures of 20° to 30°. In all teeth, access cavity preparation wasperformed, followed by coronal flaring with Gates Glidden drills #1–4 (Dentsply Maillefer). Specimen teeth weresubsequently randomly divided into five groups (n = 12). Each group was enlarged to a par ticular apical size andt aper as follows: no apical preparation done (group I, Control group); 25/.04 and 25/.06 (Group II); 30/.04 and30/.06 (group III); 35/.04 (group IV); 40/.04 (group V). Specimens were rinsed with 17% EDTA and 3% NaOClsolutions. We used a scanning electron microscope to evaluate specimens’ degree of debridement. Retrieved datawere analyzed using Kr uskal–Wallis and Mann–Whitney U-tests (p < 0.05). Results: Acceptable debridementwas observed in groups III, IV, and V. Additionally, debridement was significantly better in Groups IV and V thanin group II. Conclusion: Apical preparation with <30/.04 size results in an unacceptable degree of debridementof the apical third.


root canal, apical third, apical instrumentation, curved canal

DOI: https://doi/org/10.14693/jdi.v25i3.1154

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