The Roles of Dental Professionals Team among the Family Care Team Policy in Lower-Northern Region, Thailand

Supaporn Sangouam


Objective: To determine the roles of dental personnel in the Family Care Team Policy in Lower–Northern region,Thailand. Methods: Purposively selected samples were collected from 15 dental personnel in the lower Northernregion, Thailand, an in-depth, semistructured interview was conducted, and data were analyzed thematically.Results: The main roles of the dental professional team according to the Family Care Team Policy consisted of a continuous care role in the patient’s home, primary dental health services, risk screening and provision of services as needed, and health promotion and oral disease prevention. The most challenging role of the multidisciplinarydental professional team was the continuous care role at home. The dentist has a role as a complex case counselor,while the role of dental hygienist is in coordinating and supporting patient information provided to the dentist.The multidisciplinary team provides basic knowledge to caregivers regarding patient’s oral hygiene and dentalcare consult, and/or refers patients to the dentist in complex cases. Conclusion: The important role of the dentalprofessional team is to support and join the Family Care Team to provide effective holistic care to patients, especiallydependent elderly, disabled, and end-of-life patients, thus, constituting a multidisciplinary team which is the mostchallenging role of dental professionals.


role, dental professional team , Family Care Team Policy

DOI: https://doi/org/10.14693/jdi.v25i3.1257

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