Gambaran Senyum Pasien Pasca Perawatan Ortodonsia

Monica G. A. Monica


Facial esthetics, makes profound contribution to a person's decisoin to seek orthodontic treatment. Smile is one of the facial esthetics important part, because it can express someone's emotion and very useful in their social life. In contemporary orthodontic paradigm, the soft tissue and skeletal structures are considered in diagnosis and treatment planning. This new paradigm has shifted the diagnostics focused in occlusion and profile as the only esthetic onsideration. Smile evaluation also gives the operator more information in orthodontic treatment planning. In the previous studies after orthodontic treatment the patients smile were less esthetic than the before treatment's smile. But the other study said that patients smile has more esthetics after orthodontic treatments. This descriptive study was conducted to evaluate post orthodontic patient's smiles. 44 patients close-up smile photographs were taken frontally and analyzed using permanent teeth extractions. This study showed that post-orthodontic patient's smile esthetics were good. After orthodontic treatment, 79.5% patient had upper incisor edges curve parallel with lower lips curve, or consonant smile arc. Their smile also showed more than three quarter upper incisor crown or the incisor displays were more than 75%. No patients showed gummy smile. The dark area at the corner of the lips or the buccal corridor showed average smile were medium smile, not broad nor narrow smile. This study enable to give more information about smile as one important part in a treatment consideration.


facial esthetics; orthodontic treatment; smile

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